How much do it cost to get solar panels installed?

The cost of the solar system depends on the amount of panels needed to offset your energy consumption.

How much do I have to pay out of pocket?

As long as you qualify you would not need to pay anything out of pocket to get the solar installed.

Will I still continue paying an electric bill to my utility company after getting solar installed?

That all depends on your energy consumption after switching to solar.

Can I move after the solar panels are installed?

Yes, absolutely. You have two options, include any value of the solar in your home sale price or transfer the loan to the new homebuyer.

Is there any maintenance?

No regular maintenance.

Can I monitor my solar system?

You will get a monitoring app getting live data from your solar array.

What is the minimum average electric bill to qualify?

Monthly average bill of $50 will get you qualified.

Can I still put solar if my roof needs repairs?

Of course! We can actually include the cost of the repairs in the solar loan so you won’t come out of pocket for it.

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