About Us

We are all about providing VALUE through our service, being FLEXIBLE to our customers’ needs, and being downright RESPONSIBLE.

About Sunforce Solar


Sunforce Solar is known for offering the best solar energy service. We have rendered thousands of solar installations for a number of companies and homes. Sunforce energy has set a standard that is to be followed by our competitors, which are why we work with expert and professional installers with the sole aim of providing you with quality service. We are simply the best when it comes to providing quality customer service, which is why we are the most sought after solar provider across property and business owners.


We help you to take full advantage of energy from the sun by providing solar solutions to both residential and commercial buildings. We do our best to keep providing a high standard solar system to hundreds of customers and help in the promotion of solar energy through our venture.

Sunforce Solar’s Approach


We know the anxiety and doubt that comes with changing from one energy source to another source that is why we are here to make sure that the whole process is carefully planned and it is carried out in a professional and smooth manner. We do not plan for you rather we plan with you by involving you in all the planning process to ensure that you gain maximum system that will fit your requirements as well as adding beauty to your home.

Sunforce Solar’s Products


We are committed to keep improving, which is why we have been growing with the latest technology and offer products that are 100% guaranteed to meet your requirements and fit into your home seamlessly. Our products are sourced from top-ranking industries that deal with the production of solar cells, panels and systems that are constructed to fit perfectly into the local environment.

Obed Dominguez


Our founder and leader, Obed Dominguez has been in the solar industry for more than 4 years. From a young age Obed always knew he wanted to be in a industry that has a positive impact in peoples lives, solar does just that. Despite having personal success in the industry he saw the gap in customer service, speed, and professionalism when everything from sale to install is done by the same organization. So he founded Sunforce Solar to fix the flaws in the industry. Day by day Sunforce Solar grows not only in having more consumers switch to solar energy but also by bringing trust back into the industry.


We will always handle your solar project like if it was our first. We are known to be the fastest and most efficient company because of our incredible project management from our solar consultants.


This is how we deliver value – adapting to the constant changes in business and demand. It’s what makes us pros.


As our customer, you can rest assured knowing you have a team that wants to take care of your business.